No doubt, many of you have read the news stories today, as I am sure you do every day.  This one in particular involves the last remaining WWI veteran passing away and a refusal from some government officials to allow him to lie in state in the Rotunda.  I DO understand that this is generally reserved for past presidents and elected officials.  However, there are exceptions to this rule and several have happened in the last 15 or so years.  Several DC police officers were afforded this honor in the late 90’s, and most recently, Rosa Parks in 2008 (I think it was 2008, anyway).  Mind you, Rosa Parks was a civilian.  Remember that we have let civilians lie in state, and while it is not common, it is not forbidden, either.  Now, WWI was named “The War to End All Wars” and “The Great War”.  It was a messy, terrible, awful bloodbath–not just for American forces (who lost a relatively few number of soldiers), but for all sides.  Russian leaders were said to have laughed at American officials when they spoke of how terrible the toll was for American soldiers–Russian estimates for their dead in WWI top 1 million.  The last remaining soldier from WWI has passed away, ladies and gentlemen, and what does this nation afford him?  Less than a civilian. That’s right.  We have sunk that low in our respect toward veterans that the remaining one from “The Great War” cannot be afforded this honor.  (But don’t worry, we gave it to the black lady who “started” the civil rights movement!  We’re not racist or anything!  Look at how TOLERANT we are, world!)  He was not a civilian–he was an enlisted man.  He left his home and fought for what he felt was right, literally willing to give his life for the good of his country to die in a strange land.  Ms. Parks?  Well, some would say she did what was “right” but, in reality, all she did was refuse to stand up on a bus.  Not alot of danger–just some scorn.  Lots of people do that.  Why was she honored?  Because of her race?  Well, that would be racism, now, wouldn’t it?  Because of her role in the civil rights movement?  She didn’t play that big a role.  I cannot figure this one out for the life of me.


This isn’t about racism.  This is about the shocking lack of respect that some government [blood sucking] vermin show him and all other veterans. I would be astounded, but I have come to expect this sort of low-life trashy behavior from elected officials.  In essence, they are saying “Ya know, I don’t care if this old geezer is dead!  We didn’t need him around reminding us of how great a country we were and how far we’ve fallen from the greatness!  Good riddance!”  They couldn’t care less about what is honorable and decent–they just want our taxes and votes.  I’d bet dollars to donuts that when they pass away, their family will bemoan how wonderful they were and how much they deserve to have their darling mumsy or popsy lie in state when, in their lives, they have likely not done anything nearly as honorable as the good Corporal did.


I posted this in the comments section of a blog I frequent, but I will post it here as well.  Perhaps someone with some sort of power will see this and act.  Call your local congress and senate vermin and give them a piece of your mind.  They likely won’t listen, but if enough people badger them, they might relent.  If you know any veterans (be they WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, the recent war in the middle east [whatever it’s name], and even if they never saw combat on any front anywhere), please be sure to honor them while you can.  Thank them, hug them, salute them, and by all means, if they are willing, get their stories.  HONOR who they are and what they have stood for–because God knows the government couldn’t care less…


It’s really quite sad to see how vets are treated here.  Few festivities even exist anymore and beyond Veteran’s Day, nobody bothers to stop.  I felt like I should tell some people this story, because it’s so painfully obvious how little respect our own country has for it’s fighters.


I lived in Melbourne, Australia during my senior year in college.  On ANZAC Day (their Veteran’s Day), a roommate and I attended a parade and memorial service held annually at their city’s monument (oddly, most cities in Australia have a statue for the ANZACs, and many are proud to attend their parades and honorary events–unlike here where most people don’t even get Veteran’s Day off).  As we watched the current Australian soldiers file past and pay their respects at the Eternal Flame (yep–they have one of those, too, except theirs isn’t lit in honor of a dead controversial president), we both happened to notice a gigantic American flag waving in the distance.  After the ceremony, we made a beeline for the man waving this flag.  He was an American veteran of WWII but had always been an Australian citizen.  During WWI and WWII, many Aussies joined the American forces because they paid better, fed better, and had better uniforms.  After a near hour with this man, we learned that he comes to this ceremony every year, waves this American flag, and silently prays for the families of his fallen American brothers.  He says he has been harassed, spit on, and beat up.  He cried when he told us that one year, he was beat so badly that he accidentally let the American flag touch the ground and that he will never forgive himself for that moment.  He is one of a handful of “Aussie Bred American GIs” (his words, not mine) who keep a “sacred” piece of ground.  During WWII, many American soldiers died in the pacific front and many more died of their injuries at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (still there today).  If they died in wartime, they were buried in aluminum coffins in a cemetery near Melbourne, with temporary grave markers until the war was over and it was safe to transport them home.  This man, who I will never forget, told us that he and his small band protect this cemetery and keep the grounds pristine because, in his words, this was a temporary resting place for his fallen American brothers and he will make sure that nobody ever disturbs it.  There is a monument there showing an American GI and an ANZAC fighting together and both the American and Australian flags hoisted.  There are no graves–just a large, well kept piece of land.  When asked why he flies the American flag silently, instead of handing out brochures or something else his response is simple: “Most people don’t realize that without you Yanks (yes, he called us Yanks), we’d all be speaking Japanese right now.  We’d have lost or died trying.  Nobody here remembers that.  We owe your GIs our lives.”


I firmly believe that the good Corpl. deserves this honor.  If not for him, then for who?  Does our current rat at 1600 Penn. Ave deserve it upon his death?  I don’t believe so, as I don’t think he is honorable in the least.  If we will not honor this man, then tell me who we should honor?  Frankly, I was horribly offended that Rosa Parks was granted this–for basically being a stubborn woman who refused to move.  The Corpl. risked his life and did honorable and noble things.  The civil rights movement didn’t do a whole heck of alot for race relations in many ways and Ms. Parks was not the only prominent civil rights figure, yet the only one afforded the honor of lying in state.  Sounds like a weak attempt at “mending” some bad ties, no?


Today I also thought about my Australian friend.  This man, who has never been to the United States in his life, is willing to be beaten and scorned in public by his “fellow countrymen” to honor those who fought and died alongside him.  How much does it say about us here, in the US, when an Australian citizen has more pride in OUR military and holds dead US soldiers in such a high honor that he is willing to spend his life taking care of a temporary cemetery has a higher respect for our veterans than our own government.  Shame on them and shame on us, too.



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Because my husband asked for it…

Sounds ominous, right?  Not really.

I have been busy working on my other blog The Homemaker Project, hubby’s new upstart business (marketing takes alot of time!), working on my business (yes, more on that to come), working, going to school, planning my garden, and being a newlywed.  I don’t have alot of time, in case the obvious ran past you.

But hubby did comment about the lack of updating on this blog.

So, here, honey.  Enjoy!

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You are not, in fact, a stranger’s keeper

As the internet becomes larger and larger, we experience a significant amount of trolling, spamming, and general idiocy.  However, I have experienced a great amount of it this past couple of days.

I am a regular on a site that helps daughter-in-laws cope with their crazy mother-in-laws.  Having been through what I have experienced with my own MIL, and in addition to degrees in both communications and psychology, my husband and I have decided that I have alot of wisdom and advice to offer women struggling with their own issues.  So, I spend some time daily on this site offering advice and supporting fellow DILs with hope.  Some people like to give the “oh honey, its okay, you’ll be fine, just play nice” BS to women who are struggling with real problems that they, themselves, have to actually solve.  There are, however, some intelligent people on this site who give good advice and motivate people who actually want help to fix their problems as best they can.

However, I have encountered what appear to be women who never outgrew high school.  I would bet that the reason they have problems with their MILs is because they are, in fact, the problem itself.  They are mean, catty, and overly defensive of strangers.  After posting on a request for advice from a woman whose husband has cheated on her, complained to his mother about his wife BEHIND HER BACK, and supported his mother in her vicious attacks on the poor woman a scumbag–I was called all sorts of names, including “jerk” and “unapologetic a**hole” when I refused to apologize.  Now, mind you, the original asker for advice never called me any names or asked for an apology.  She actually wrote later on her own post to say that I was correct.  No, I was ordered to apologize for my freedom of speech by women who had never met the asker.  Never.  Perfect strangers.  They demanded I be politically correct (HA!) so as not to call the woman’s vile husband a mean name by calling me even meaner ones.

Are these women simply ignorant?  Probably.  I generally find women in the general public to be full of sh*t and completely incapable of a complete thought that doesn’t involve vileness, wayward intentions, or the desire to have a better rear view.  I continued to tell them so and that I would refuse to apologize to them as they did not deserve it.

In closing, dear readers, you are only responsible for yourself.  If you offend someone and you think you have done wrong–apologize.  If you have done no wrong, then don’t.  It’s that simple.  Don’t be a jerk, but don’t go apologizing when you don’t see any reason to do so.  You have your right to speak–make yourself heard.  And to these ladies (and I use that term loosely), stop worrying so much about someone you don’t know and learn that what you have to say could use some work as well.

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Oh, THIS ought to be interesting

As I continue in my current line of “barely employed, attempting to make ends meet on little more than one income, oh-and not lose the house, the car, or my sanity” mode of life, I have decided that you all would probably get a kick out of it.  Those of you who know me, also know that my ambition was NEVER to be a full-time housewife.  Not in a million years.  However, that seems to be what I am for right now.  In order to do the two things I love doing more than anything in life [[(a)informing people, and (b) entertaining people]], I give you, my gentle readers, The Homemaker Project. Full of pictures and plenty of giggles, I hope you will enjoy.

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Intolerance is my middle name…

It exists in every form.  The sad reality of the world is that it is fallen and full of hate.  Palestinians hate Israel, Democrats hate Republicans, Muslims hate just about everybody; you get the picture, right?

Chances are that somewhere in the world, someone hates you–be it that bully you stood up to in 3rd grade or Habib.

Somewhere along the way, some moron told another moron that we should start accepting their hatred of us and, some really extreme folks in this same moron camp think that we should internalize their hatred for us as something we did wrong.  Now, I’m not talking about the “Love your neighbor” concept.  In this case “loving” does not mean accepting and trying to make friends with–it means not hating and allowing to “live and let live.”  In fact, the original Greek doesn’t say neighbor–it says fellow citizen.  To avoid a potential argument regarding immigration, we will move on.

The way I see it is–if you hate me for being “insensitive” and “intolerant” than you are, by your very nature, being intolerant.  You are not tolerating my beliefs and my culture of expressing them.  I am sick to all hell of people telling me to be “tolerant” of people who may well want to blow me up or of those who choose to be mean, spiteful, and ignorant when I am told that I am not “tolerant” enough.

Contrary to what the insane world has been brainwashed to believe thinks, “tolerance” does not mean accepting and loving everyone else’s views at the expense of your own moral core.  This is the nonsense our schools teach instead of math and science.  “Tolerance” actually means “a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own.”  If you can be fair, objective, and permissive (meaning that you personally don’t give a damn what anyone else does), then you’re tolerant.  I’d be willing to bet, though, that NOBODY who is offended by this message is the least bit tolerant.  (You will write me to tell me how awful I am for saying this, but in doing so, you miss the fact that you are not being permissive.  See–you have proven how intolerant you really are.)

I have found quite often, that liberals are only tolerant when the idea is something they approve of.  If they don’t like what they’re hearing, they whip out their “everybody get along” bull honkey and scream “tolerance.”   Show me a group of GreenPeace protesters burning other people’s property and mention “tolerance” and see how well that works for  you.  (Show me that same group, mind you, and I will be more than happy to show you how their intolerance led to the current sitting duck at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.)  I am sick to hell of people telling me to be tolerant when, they themselves, are the least tolerant people on the planet.

Everybody feels that they are tolerant (unless, of course, they are NOT stupid and realize what I just spent 2 paragraphs explaining to everyone) and that they are politically correct.  The reality is that NOBODY is truly tolerant because, to be truly tolerant, you have to let “intolerant” people run amok–and we certainly can’t have that now can we.

I would also like to know who thinks that the current leader (with his experience and years of service ideas) feels that it is somehow his job to ban hate speech.  (Yes, try to ban the Koran then–see how well that works out for you.)  Never mind that 1st freedom we’re all granted–the same freedom that allows the Jackass who never fought in any military branch to protect it Obama to make such ridiculous statements.  Real tolerance means that you actually need to let people say whatever they want and not punish them for it–even if that means they say mean things about you.

So, to the world, I will continue to be intolerant and be proud of it.  I am intelligent, well-spoken, and thoughtful about my actions.  However, I will continue my tirade of intolerance.  Because, after all, dissent is patriotic…especially if that dissent is pretty close to reality.

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Welcome to my pixelated mind.  I hope you enjoy your stay.  Check back soon for more goodies.

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